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yaṃ kho, udāyi, ime pañca kāmaguṇe paṭicca uppajjati sukhaṃ somanassaṃ idaṃ vuccati kāmasukhaṃ miḷhasukhaṃ puthujjanasukhaṃ anariyasukhaṃ.

♦ According to AN 7.12, the brahmacariya is fulfilled (brahmacariya vussati) Together with the abandoning and destruction of each and every anusaya, and the tip of struggling is reached when all of them happen to be deserted.

Anussava appears most often in two sets of both faulty or unsure grounds for accepting a educating or a perspective:

What I liked about our practical experience was without the need of spilling the main points was that there was a huge shock we weren't anticipating haha.

bhikkhu amanasikaritvā gāmasaññaṃ, amanasikaritvā manussasaññaṃ, araññasaññaṃ paṭicca manasi karoti ekattaṃ. Tassa araññasaññāya cittaṃ pakkhandati pasīdati santiṭṭhati adhimuccati.

♦ At AN 4.237, the eight things of the ariya aṭṭh·aṅg·ika magga constitute 'kamma that is definitely neither dim nor dazzling with neither-dim-nor-vivid end result, that brings about the destruction of kamma' (kammaṃ a·kaṇhā·sukkaṃ a·kaṇhā·sukka·vipākaṃ, kamma·kkhayāya saṃvattati).

Paddick asserts that he carried out the coverage mainly because he wanted his officers to manage cannabis quickly and informally to make sure that they might consider heroin and crack cocaine offences, and Road robbery and burglary, which ended up impacting the Standard of living in Lambeth into a greater extent.[80] The pilot was finished December 2005 and was changed by a so-referred to as "no deal" policy on cannabis in Brixton adhering to grievances about rising figures of sellers overtly promoting the drug.[81]

The TR-18 virus was established by your workforce of leading armed service scientists… not being a weapon, but relatively being a study tool. Its conception might have permitted a long time’ really worth of Uncooked knowledge for being noticed and recorded, leading to the chance to combat and neutralize inside of a matter of days’ plenty of unfamiliar biological, chemical, or radiation-based mostly weapons. But one thing went Improper… so extremely Improper… An underground team of animal legal rights activists managed to infiltrate the power and liberate all of the examination subjects… and also the virus they’re carrying.

santaṃyeva kho pana paraṃ lokaṃ ‘natthi paro loko’ti āha; ye te arahanto paralokaviduno tesamayaṃ paccanīkaṃ karoti...

.I felt far more nervous but Great that it wasn't a contest. Our overseer actually appeared out for us and stated the sport and concept. We did escape and obtain al on the clues. I used to be so happy mainly because it appeared just as if everyone else who's been this content appear to escape. Best night!!! Thank you !!!

♦ at SN fifty four.8, for a sizable panel of objectives: to avoid the human body or eyes from receiving fatigued (neva me kāyo kilameyya na cakkhūni), to abandon Reminiscences and intentions linked With all the home daily life (ye me gehasitā sarasaṅkappā te pahīyeyyu), for different asubha practices, for attaining the many eight jhānas, for attaining the cessation of saññā and vedanā (saññā·vedayita·nirodha), and for the full comprehension of vedanā.

This was pretty exciting! I didn't know that it is in fact two teams or more they mesh with each other. The room we were being in was designed for each team to get in two adjoining rooms and locating clues to unlock the separating door after which Incorporate the clues to unravel. You don't have a decision we have been with a group of tweens-Tremendous entertaining, Nevertheless they had been tweens Even so.

♦ Moderation in foodstuff is frequently praised during the suttas, as as an example at AN 5.96: 'application·āhāro hoti, anodarikattaṃ anuyutto' (he eats only just a little food stuff, devoted to not filling his abdomen). Taking in at the time per day is usually frequently praised, as at AN 3.

The a few psychological akusala·kamma·pathas, usually often called (a Element of) mano·duccarita, correspond to your steps being abstained from for your follow of sammā·saṅkappa (due to the fact nekkhamma consists mainly in abandoning abhijjha):

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